By Suzy Lucine

Trainer Alicia Owens gives TV Producer Emily Paulin her first riding lesson on Morgan horse, Hermitage Avatar GCH

Recently on The PEAK TV, coordinating producer Emily Paulin rode a horse for the very first time. This segment was part of her series, “Emily Tries New Things,” and aired on Channel 69, Sunday night, January 8.
The idea came about when Emily’s boss, Ashley Russo, executive producer of The PEAK TV and long-time Saddlebred owner and exhibitor, suggested that she try riding a horse. “Ashley told me I would have so much fun, and riding horses was a great form of exercise,” Emily said. “She was good friends with Alicia Owens, who owns Scottfield Stables in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, where I had the lesson.”
Emily’s first ride was on the retired world champion Morgan gelding, Hermitage Avatar GCH, who is stabled at Alicia’s. ‘Ronnie’ is now 22 years old, and a key member of Alicia’s lesson program.

“I used Ronnie for Emily’s first ride because he is so trustworthy, and he’s not too big and scarey.”
But when Emily first stood alongside Ronnie, she thought he was really big. “Once I got on Ronnie, Alicia talked me through all my fears and concerns,” Emily said. “She made me feel ten times better than when I first got on.
“Ronnie was such a sweetheart,” Emily continued. “I was amazed when Alicia pointed out how he compensated for me when I did things incorrectly. He had my back through the entire lesson.”

The PEAK TV is an Emmy-award winning program that educates, engages and encourages viewers to be their best self. “We want to get our Lehigh Valley viewers out to try new things,” Emily explained. “Even if you fail, at least you’re trying something new and hopefully finding a healthy lifestyle along the way.”

Emily can’t wait for her second ride on a horse! Both she and Alicia said they had good feedback and response after this show aired, and hope it shows people that horseback riding can be both fun and good for you. In a new location, Alicia is thrilled with the support she received from the local horse community and with the inquires about her lesson program at Scottfield Stables.