To the hunter/jumper and dressage crowds, Saugerties is a storied grounds that is a regular and important stop on the HITS Summer Circuit in the northeast; to the Morgans and Saddlebred communities, prior to June of 2021, Saugerties was vaguely known or off the grid entirely to the saddle seat show horse industry. Show manager Tuffy Owens changed all of that when he created the Saugerties Summer Showcase out of thin air, putting together an event that left us all feeling like we had been a part of making history. For those of us who got to experience it, we witnessed the catching of lightning in a bottle. With perfect weather, amazing competition, top flight staff that included legendary horseman Nelson Green and world champion horse trainer Phil Fountain marking the cards, this show was one that combined the magical atmosphere of Devon with the New England camaraderie of Syracuse International. While we are all sad that it was a one time only event, we are glad that we got to be a part of it. And for manager Tuffy Owens, it was an opportunity to display to the entire community what he is capable of when he is turned loose and allowed to do what he does best: make memories by way of moments with our dear friends and treasured horses.

UPDATE: Saugerties Summer Showcase was named the United Professional Horseman Association’s 2021 National Honor Show!!! Congratulations, Tuffy!!!!