Meet Our School Horses

Our School Horses are treasured gems here at Scottfield! Maintained in show horse condition year round, these key members of Team Scottfield not only help teach our riders at home, but many of them are also available to Scottfield students to lease on a per show basis to sharpen their show ring skills as well! We love our string of school horses, and we pride ourselves on the quality of the Morgans and Saddlebreds we are fortunate enough to have in our collection.

Kobe and Beth,  2011 New                     England Regional

Kobe and Alicia, 2016 Syracuse International

LSF Nevermoretal (Forevermore x Lakeland Paradise)
A regionally titled Morgan gelding, Kobe has won In-Hand, in harness, as and English Pleasure Horse, a Classic Saddle horse and even a western horse! Bred by Ladyslipper Farm and purchased as a 7 year old by Beth and Dave Grella of Tully, NY, Kobe has only had two owners his entire life, and has only ever been trained at Scottfield. Kobe arrived at Scottfield as an untouched 5 year old stallion, and has always been a favorite, but it was his connection with Beth that made Kobe the loving, brave, and kind horse he is today. Promised a forever home, Beth and Dave saw Kobe through a life- threatening health issue a few years ago. Now Beth and Dave generously share Kobe with all of us at Scottfield, where he specializes in lunge lessons, dropped stirrup lessons and trail rides. Kobe loves treats, and is the quietest horse in the barn in his stall. He is a perfect gentleman at home but still a great competitor in the show ring! In 2016, Kobe was Reserve Champion in the large OTAB Open English Pleasure at Syracuse International with Alicia Owens in the Irons, and he was the Reserve Grand Champion in the Amateur English Pleasure division at Octoberfest with Melina Brunson putting in the good ride! Kobe is also fully equitated and is available for a full lease or show to show leases for the 2017 season.

Renna Russo with grandmother Candi Aversenti and Radiant Revival after one of this team’s many victory passes.

“Lily” and Charlotte Towery, winning the Walk and Trot Championship at Blue Ridge Classic, 2017

Radiant Revival (Revival x Wild Radiance)
You won’t miss Lily when you walk through the barn! She will be the beautiful headed chestnut Saddlebred mare with the giant poppy eyes, snorting at anything that rustles, shines or even vaguely resembles a cobwebbing device! But for as overly observant  as she is in her stall, Lily has made a career out of introducing young children into the show ring. The smaller the rider, the more careful she is. In fact, one of favorite Lily stories involves a tiny walk and trot rider dropping all of her reins on the reverse and walk in a class. Lily maintained a perfect flat walk while the rider took her sweet time regathering her reins, whip flailing about the entire time! And on that day, owner Candi Aversenti granted Lily her sainthood status, and just like  that, Lily earned her permanent home at Scottfield. Lily carried Candi’s granddaughter Renna to her first victory passes in walk and trot all the way up to her first season in walk/trot/canter, and we have no doubt that Lily will continue her legacy as the most expressive, confidence building chestnut mare in all the land! After a wildly successful 2017 with Lessee Charlotte Towery, Lily has been leased for the 2018 season by Amy Towery, and will return to the lesson program this fall.

Kate Kielceski and Hermitage Avatar, 2011

Ronni and Audra Lee at the 2012 American Royal. After making the top ten cut, this was the final lineup of his last saddle class.

Hermitage Avatar GCH (Hillock Showson x Legacy’s Cover Girl)  When the Kielceski Family purchased Ronni in 2005, he came with one rule: whoever intended to work him, couldn’t be the one to get him ready, because by the time you are done grooming this wiggle worm of a horse, all of your patience has been thoroughly used up! While he is a demanding fella, there is no doubt that Ronni is well deserving of his self-proclaimed rock star status. Ronni came to Scottfield to be prepared as Kate Kielceski’s equitation horse– no small feat given that he had spent several seasons prior to the purchase campaigning in harness and hadn’t been ridden more than a handful of times since his junior horse career when he made the move. But Ronni possesses extreme intelligence, and took to the equitation patterns like the gifted equine student he is, and in no time, he and Kate became a force to be reckoned with in the Saddle Seat Equitation division. Kate and Ronni enjoyed several nig wins on their way to the top, including winning the 2007 New England Regional Junior Saddle Seat Equitation Championship, but the pair achieved the highest of equitation honors when, in 2011, they were crowned the AMHA Saddleseat Gold Medal Finals winners and the Senior Saddle Seat Equitation Reserve World Champions. Having more than earned his retirement, we tried to retire this grand Morgan gelding a few years ago, but he won’t have any piece or part of it. After several Houdini-like escapes from his stall, and several broken pasture gates later, we got the message that Ronni was not enjoying his time off, and we put him back to work as Kate’s practice horse, and when she’s not around, our very best practice pattern horse. About once a year, we take Ronni to a show and let him hang out for the week because the trailer leaving without him is also not acceptable in his world. Ronni is not available to lease, but if you are very lucky, you might just get a lesson on him, and no doubt the lesson you will learn is that you can indeed be outsmarted by a horse!

           Sparky and April, 2017

Partridge Hill Protest  “Sparky” is a 12 year old Morgan gelding, and is easily one of the Farm Favorites! Owned by Scottfield, and one of the most versatile horses out program offers, Sparky can give intermediate to advanced lessons to hunt seat, saddle seat, and dressage riders, and has shown successfully all three seats! Noted for his wonderful disposition, smooth gaits, and honest nature, Sparky is everyone’s favorite, and is often called “Sparky The Wonder Horse” by the riders who get to school on him regularly. In 2017, Sparky has been shown to great success by both Sue Pavan and April Wozniak in hunter and saddle seat pleasure classes respectively. Sparky has been leased for the 2018 season by Ashton Vattelana and will compete in the Classic Pleasure division.