Full Training w/ One Lesson per week: $900*
Riding Lesson: $45 (Discounts for enrollment in monthly tuition package. Click HERE for detailed Lesson Info!)
Hauling: Custom Quote
Commission: 10% on all sales
Overnight stay (in house customers, first come first served; includes private apartment with bathroom and light breakfast): $25/night

*Riders who have horses in Training make take additional lessons beyond the four that are included in the package for $25/lesson


1. How do I get there?

For our Lenhartsville location, simply enter our address into your GPS! 
71 Long Road, Lenhartsville, PA   19534

2. Do I need to own a horse to take lessons?

No, you do not need to own your own horse to take lessons. We have lesson horses for that very purpose! You or your child could ride our lesson horses for years. One never has to own their own horse to enjoy the sport of horseback riding.

3. Do you have private or group lessons?

Scottfield Stables offers both private and group half hour lessons. We suggest that you ride at least once a week to build skills and confidence with the horse. We encourage you to ride as often as you can. Our lessons are tailored to all levels of riding.

4. What are the advantages of a group lesson?

Group lessons will enable you to learn how to ride with and around other people and horses. This will be valuable should you decide to pursue a show ring career.

5. What is a good age to start my child with lessons?

We give lessons to riders from ages 4 and up!. We would be happy to discuss any situation you have regardless of age or handicap. We also offer Mommy & Me classes for the very young (2-5) or the very scared kids!

6. How long and how much are lessons?

Private lessons are $45.00 each with our pay as you go program. Our Lenhartsville location offers a convenient monthly tuition program that allows you to take one lesson per week at the same time each week for $160/month. To sign up for lessons and/or camps, please fill out our registration form at the bottom of this page!

7. Will my child learn how to take care of the horse?

Yes. We place a lot of emphasis on being able to groom and tack a horse properly and safely. These initial steps will be valuable in building confidence when dealing with a horse.

8. Do you have a youth group or club?

Scottfield Stables’s Lenhartsville location does have a youth club! To join, you simply need to register for lessons. All students are automatically members of our Team!

9. I love horses but do not feel riding will be my thing. How else can I get involved with the horses?

We give driving lessons as well as riding lessons. Driving is very challenging and fun, and driving can be a very good place to begin a show career or build skills that will help you if you ever do decide to try riding.

10. What should I wear to my first lesson?

We have plenty of hard hats for you to pick from until you decide you are committed enough to invest in one of your own. Riding pants and boots with a heel are a must after your first couple of lessons. Tennis shoes are not allowed. We will help you pick out a pair of appropriate boots, and often times, we will have some used boots and riding pants for sale.

11. Where do I find this equipment?

We have several catalogs from tack stores that have riding pants, boots, gloves, and helmets.

12. Will I be able to show at horse shows?

Yes, several of the horse shows we attend have academy classes set up especially for beginner riders that show on our school horses.

13. Do you have horses available for lease that we can show?

Yes, we have horses of various levels available for lease that you can both ride at home and show. We would need to discuss your specific needs to provide you with detailed information.

14. If we want to purchase a horse do you have horses for sale?

Yes, we do have horses for sale. However we encourage you to take multiple lessons a week for a period of time before deciding to purchase a horse. This will enable you to be far enough along in your riding to actually purchase a horse that can meet your needs for more then just the immediate future. If we don’t have the appropriate horse in the barn we will assist you in finding an appropriate one outside the barn.

15. How do I sign up?

Click HERE to Register!