We would like to congratulate the Hecht Family on the sale of their grand Park Saddle gelding, Ultra’s Special Delivery! Del will move to Akron, New York, to be in training at Champion Hill Farm where his new owner rides.

“Del” joined the Hecht Family in 2014 and was the first Morgan purchased by the Hecht’s. Teamed with then 11-year-old Sarah Hecht, this special team would go on to have an undefeated 2014 season, culminating with Sarah and Del winning the Grand National title in the 15 & Under Park Saddle class at the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show. Prior to Sarah owning and showing this grand gelding, Del was owned by the Quigg Family of Montrose, Pennsylvania. With Haleigh Quigg in the irons, Del was Reserve World Champion in 2008 in the Walk and Trot English Pleasure World Championship. Given his 11 year history with Scottfield, Del is more of a family member than a horse on the show string, and finding the perfect next show home for him became imperative to all who have known and loved this once-in-a-lifetime Morgan.

Because he is so dear to us, it is with much enthusiasm that we announce that we have found Del the perfect place to continue his show career! Under the watchful eye of new trainers Olivia Doutt-Piatt and Josh Piatt at Champion Hill Farm, Ultra’s Special Delivery will resume his winning ways this show season, returning to the walk and trot division with a soon to be very surprised young lady! (We will release her name once the little lucky lady is handed the gift of Del’s reins!). We are confident that Del will carry you all to countless more blue ribbons! We will be cheering for you!!