Lemons Into Lemonade: how one rider turned her misfortune into a chance of a lifetime for her barnmate.

“Well folks, the highs are high, and the lows are low. After a great qualifier and a third place finish in a strong split in the Three Gaited ponies, we just got word that, after several cancelled flights and a stressful night at the airport hotel, our last ditch efforts to get Renna Russo back to the show have failed. Renna will not make it in time to show back tonight. It was not for lack of trying, and to say we are all disappointed would be a gross understatement.
But in true Scottfield spirit, Renna has offered her ride tonight to barn mate, Greysen Fors. To be clear, Greysen is not a customer. I’m fact, Greysen hasn’t ever been anyone’s customer. Greysen is the girl who has worked in the aisle her whole life, grooming everyone else’s horses for the show ring, putting everyone else’s kids in the ring, teaching the up down lessons and cleaning up after the camps. Greysen is “that kid.” Lucky for us, Greysen is also one heckuva rider, though she’s not had the opportunities to show at a level that reflects her talent and work ethic. Until now.
With a total of about 4 minutes of a practice ride at 1:00 this morning, we decided to go ahead and give this a try and have Greysen catch ride this fabulous pony back in the championship tonight!! So as we run around today trying to get clothes together for this kid, please send a kind word to one very generous, but very disappointed rider, Miss Renna Russo, and be sure to be there tonight to cheer on Greysen and the beautiful pony she gets to show, Heir Highness.
PS – Thank you, Candida Covino Aversenti, for your trust and support. Without you, none of any of this would be possible.” -Alicia Owens, Facebook Post, August 23rd

UPDATE!! Greysen showed Heir Highness back in the 3 Gaited Pony World Championship where the team ended up with the 8th place prize, and received a FIRST PLACE VOTE!!!!!!

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Tuffy Owens honored for his ASB Rescue Volunteerism

Shout out to Tuffy Owens for receiving the 2019 Saddlebred Rescue Service Award! Every year, Tuffy volunteers to emcee the SBR Luncheon (which is an incredibly well done and important fundraising event, btw), and he’s happy to be able to do it. Thank you, Saddlebred Rescue, for doing what you do and recognizing those who help you do it. Way to go, Tuffy!

Morgan Farm Tour comes to Pennsylvania, stops at Scottfield, Broadmoor and Sunrise Stables

Morgan lovers spent the weekend of August 2nd & 3rd in Pennsylvania touring Sunrise Stables, Scottfield Stables, Broadmoor and Colonial Stables. Each farm showcased horses that repreented various breeding programs that represented their programs and show strings. Scottfield chose to represent the Dragonsmeade breeding program with Sarah Hecht’s two Morgan geldings, WC Dragonsmeade Varvatos and WC Dragonsmeade Well Player, followed by EKL On The Edge and maternal half brother EKL Shakedown, representing the Colonial Stable’s breeding program. The weather was perfect, and with over 200 people in attendance arriving by way of multiple double decker buses, the event, coordinated by Sunrise Stables’ Andrew Beiler, was a huge success!